Sirloin Top Butt Steaks | How Many Cuts Can You Name?

One of the most under appreciated yet most flavorful steaks is the sirloin top butt steak.  It’s a great steak with a funny name.

This butt has nothing to do with the anatomical location. Top Butt Steaks are boneless cuts from the top sirloin which is located between the short loin and the round.

Meat from the top sirloin has a rich beefy flavor and is less expensive than steaks cut from the short loin such as Strip Steaks, Tenderloin Filets, Porterhouse and T-Bone Steaks.

Get More Bang For Your Butt

We are about to embark upon the Q4 holiday season and beef prices will again make their annual rise for certain cuts like the tenderloin – this year most likely even higher due to drought conditions. Now is the time to embrace the versatility of Top Butt Steaks because they are price point friendly and provide multiple menu options to work with.

Sirloin Top Butt steaks can be cut in many different ways from the whole Top Butt muscle. The whole Top Butt is a boneless sub-primal composed of three muscles that in the meat business we call, the “Cap” and the “Center” or, “Heart”. The third is a small undesirable part referred to as the “Mouse Muscle”. By its nature, the Top Butt is a lean muscle with very little fat.  It is best when properly aged and cooked from rare to medium doneness.

Quality purveyors fabricate “Caps” and “Centers” to produce a robust variety of Top Butt Steak cuts. These are the types of cuts that can be used to create numerous unique, alternative and new value menu items.

One Top Butt, Multiple Cuts

How many cuts of sirloin top butts are there? Buedel offers six different cuts of Sirloin Top Butt Steaks. There are others, but these are the most common preferred on the market today:

Baseball Cut Top Butt Steak / Filet of Sirloin These steaks are cut from the center muscle in such a way  they look just like a tenderloin filet – taller and rounded in shape. The Baseball Cut is an excellent alternative steak to the filet for economical banquet applications, as well as a unique stand alone entree.

Bistro Cut Top Butt Steak This Bistro Cut is known for its application in French Bistros as the popular Steak Frites. These steaks are thinly cut from the trimmed center muscle only. They can also be utilized for other quick cooking applications such as, lunch entrees, sandwiches and steak salad.

Top Butt Cap Steak These steaks are cut from the Top Butt “Cap” muscle only, also known as the “Coulotte”.  They are nicely marbled and rich in beefy flavor.  This cut can also be left whole and used for traditional London Broil carving.  They are excellent for buffets, as a center of the plate entree and for sandwiches.

Center Cut Top Butt Steak Center Cuts are the most popular cut for Top Butt Steaks. The “Cap” and “Flap or Mouse” muscles are removed and the “Center” muscle is square cut into portioned steaks.  This steak has great flavor and texture.  It us very good as a center of the plate entree and for sandwiches.

Semi Center Cut Top Butt Steak The “Cap” and “Center” muscles remain together but the “Flap or Mouse” muscle is removed. The muscle is split and then cut into portioned steaks. Since there are two muscles still connected, this cut is a less desirable steak, but is more affordable.

Full Cut Top Butt Steak This is a steak cut by leaving all three muscles intact and square cut into portioned steaks. It is the most economical top butt steak cut.  However, it is also the least desirable because it includes connective tissue (sinew), plus the “Flap” or “Mouse” muscle, which is best used for grinding meat.

Make No Butts About It

When ordering Top Butts, it is important to keep in mind that they are best in Prime and Choice grades. (There are some cuts which are available in lower grade meats such as Select, and also from less desirable cattle breeds.) Baseball and Bistro quality cuts are also not offered by all purveyors.

Sirloin Top Butt Steaks deliver value, variety and versatility. They are a highly cost effective and marketable choice. This is especially true with USDA Choice and Prime grades.  All top butt steaks can be  merchandised as, “Top Sirloin Steaks” on your menu.

Try some Butts with your next meat order!


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