Buedel Brings the ‘Q


Chicago Meat Company Featured on National BBQ TV Show

Buedel Meat UpCHICAGO – Local meat purveyor to top restaurants and hotels, Buedel Fine Meats, is the new meat sponsor for Destination America’s hit show, BBQ Pitmasters, where 18 teams of BBQ pros compete to win $50,000 and a coveted spot in the Kingsford Invitational next November.

What the Heck is a Pitmaster?

Pitmasters are dedicated cooks who reach professional standing on the competition BBQ circuit. “The winningest man in barbeque”, Myron Mixon, is the lead judge on BBQ Pitmasters. A cookbook author and entrepreneur, Mixon has won over 2,000 competitions and is considered a leading authority on barbeque.

In perpetual hot pursuit of the perfect ‘Q, Pitmasters apply rubs, sauces and flavor enhancing injections with the tenacity of a food scientist. Select meats, choice equipment and heat source management play a big role in competition strategy.

Buedel Brings the ‘Q

BBQ teams assemble in front of the judges each week to find out what they will be cooking to provide a level playing field for the Pitmasters who must come prepared for any barbeque scenario. The big meat reveal puts Buedel at the forefront of every episode, providing an unprecedented opportunity to capture initial reactions from the pros, and gain public exposure for their brand.

At the halfway point of Season 5, Buedel has already supplied a visually enticing array of meats ranging from 15 pound pork shoulders to 30 lb. prime rib roasts. The on camera response to Buedel’s meats has been overwhelmingly positive and often subsequently shared by the Pitmasters across social channels:

…those Pork Butts and Ribs I cooked on BBQ Pitmasters were rock solid [and] some of the FINEST I HAVE EVER COOKED!!!!  – Chris Chadwick, Hawg County Cookers, on Facebook

Positive Press for Chicago

Anytime a local company can grab a positive spotlight on the national stage, it’s good for the City and the economy. The results have been so positive in fact, Buedel just added a Shop for BBQ Pitmaster Meats page to their new retail site in answer to public interest for the meats being cooked on the show.

“Our experience has been no less than fantastic working with BBQ Pitmasters,” says John Cecala, VP & Principal at Buedel, “and we are very proud to be a part of the show.”


BBQ Pitmasters is on the Destination America Network, which is owned by Discovery Communications. Saturdays: 9pm Eastern, 8 pm CST. Episodes Remaining: 5/17, 5/24, 5/31 & 6/7 Finale

Buedel Fine Meats is one of the leading quality purveyors to restaurants, hotels, resorts, and e-commerce serving local, regional, national and global markets. They are the oldest family owned meat supplier left in Chicago – 2014 marks their 107th year in business.

Additional Quote: “BBQ Pitmasters was looking for a high quality meat supplier for Season 5, and they called us!” – John Cecala, VP & Principal, Buedel Fine Meats.

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