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Hallowed Business

131014150237-halloween-spending-620xaIn case you haven’t heard, Halloween is big business. Halloween spending (candy, costumes and decorations) is projected to top out at 7 billion this year – down from 8 billion last year.

This year’s projection dip is being attributed to consumer concern about the economy according to CNN Money. Yet, reports from the National Retail Federation provide overall Halloween spending has increased by close to 55% since 2005.

You could say this market is remarkably Picture2spooktacular.

Ancillary businesses boom around the holiday too. Take, “pop-up” stores, for example – those transient stores that typically open in vacant retail spots for limited time periods such as Pool & Patio, Halloween and Christmas. Rents for these types of “temporary real estate” can be as high as $80,000 a month in metro areas like NYC. On, businesses can search for short term leases like these by industry, need and location. The number of business and industry resources that feed into Halloween are numerous, to say the least.

Food Fright

20131030-PIZZA-slide-T92N-articleLargeIn the restaurant industry, business is ghoulish on Halloween – other than pizza delivery – one of ‘za’s biggest selling days, attributed to families celebrating at home.

In an effort to bolster sales, many restaurants offer discounted or free eats to costume clad kids (our neighborhood Dunkin’ Donuts gives free donuts to Trick-or-Treaters). The Chipolte chain ties charity into it, by donating proceeds on discounted meals sold after 4 p.m.

Despite valiant efforts, the number one food on everyone’s mind today is candy, and the number one favorite kind is chocolathalloween-candy-in-bowl southshoremamas.come. 72% of all Halloween candy consumed will be chocolate, according to the National Confectioner’s Association. 

Over 12.6 billion was spent on chocolate alone last year in the U.S. Here are the top ten American favorites from first to last by annual sales figures:

  1. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups $509 M
  2. M & M’s $500 M
  3. Snickers $456 M
  4. Hershey’s Chocolate Bar $325 M
  5. Kit Kat $306 M
  6. Twix $116 M
  7. 3 Musketeers $101 M
  8. Cookies & Cream $100 M
  9. Milky Way $93 M
  10. Almond Joy $82 M

…it’s sweet to be in the candy business.

Trick or Treat

turnipsDo you know what major significance the turnip (you heard me right) has to Halloween?

According to, modern day Jack-O-Lanterns are the direct descendants of turnip lanterns used for seasonal Celtic celebrations dating back 2000 years ago. Legend has it the Celts would put embers, taken from community bonfires, inside hollowed-out turnips to create lanterns to light their way home.

Happy Halloween!

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