Meat Picks | 9.4.13

Chicago Gourmet Returns

HamburgerHopTickets are available now for the annual Chicago Gourmet wine and food celebration at Millennium Park, September 27-29.

New to this year’s lineup is the Late Night Gourmet, an “official” after-party to CG’s renowned Hamburger Hop on Friday. The ‘Hop begins at 6 pm on the roof of the Harris Theatre followed by Late Night at the Radisson BLU from 9-12 pm. Check out the full schedule of weekend long events here.

The Emerald Vile

HammerHeadDid you happen to see the shot of the chef on with meat clever in hand standing aside a kitchen colleague holding a restaurant critic’s severed head? The good news is this isn’t a local story; it happened in Ireland – at a Michelin starred restaurant no less. The Photoshop-at-its-worst shot was created in “jest” (so says the cleaver bearing chef) in answer to a negative review. The critic issued a prompt receipt and delivered the picture to the local police.

Words can’t describe just how ridiculous it is to lose your head over things like this…

Genetics, Geography & Grub

There’s an interesting post from the Guardian about how our genes, surroundings and upbringing has much to do with what types of foods are served where today.

According to the article, having a taste for something is very literal and varies greatly from one culture/location/family to the next. For example, some spices we useMcDabroad and think of as sweet, may only be used in savory dishes in other countries. This is why global travelers often experience same meals not tasting like they do at home. Likewise, American restaurant chains often tailor their menus abroad to the tastes of the population; what sells big here may not even be offered there because of taste sensitivities.

New Openings

TOC reports there are eight restaurants scheduled to open this fall in the city. On slate for September: Honey Butter Fried Chicken on Elston, the Chop Shop – 1st Ward in Bucktown, a restaurant, bar, music venue and deli where you can watch “butchers in action”, Authentaco on Ashland and The Dawson on West Grand, a “comfort-food haven”.

Matthias MeEatlaylogorges’ A10 on E. 53d is due to open in October and in November, Nico in the Gold Coast’s Thompson Chicago Hotel and the highly anticipated arrival of Eataly – the gigantic food emporium in the old ESPN Zone on Ohio, where eight restaurants, a culinary school, market and a microbrewery will be housed under one roof.

Best wishes to all!

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