Meat Picks | 8.29.13

The Handwich is Here! 

BurkeBaconBar1Chef Rick Gresh first told us about the impending debut of the “Handwich” (a slider sized sandwich you can hold with one hand) in June. It officially arrived last week when Burke’s Bacon Bar opened for business directly adjacent to David Burke’s Primehouse in the James Hotel on Rush Street.

Niman Ranch pepper bacon, chicken liver bacon, Chinese bacon, bacon crumbs, bacon “kraut” and more, are staples to the new Handwich menu. There is a vegetarian version, to which bacon can be added, and as promised, Spam is on the menu because Spam is bacon, according to Chef Gresh.

Burke’s Bacon Bar, complete with a street side walk-up window, is open Sunday-Friday from 11-2 am and Saturdays till 3 am.

Buzz-worthy Bun-dling 

SonicBunWe recently came upon our first sighting of branded buns at Fatpour Tap Works in Wicker Park. This week we heard that Sonic is jumping on the bun branding bandwagon in an effort to boost sagging sales with local flair via college logos.

USA Today reports, localized burger chains have used this buzz spurning concept before, but this is the first time a major chain has done so. Made with tapioca starch and food colorings, the logos are steamed onto the buns just before serving. Colleges also make out on the deal through licensing and royalty fees.

Labor Day Quiz 

Trivia is always fun at friend and family get together s – especially when you know the answers. Here are three bites of knowledge you can use this weekend in honor of Labor Day (answers below):

1)    What day of the week was the first Labor Day celebrated?

2)    What is ironic about the two men that were credited with starting the holiday?

3)    What is another name for Labor Day?

LadieTailorStrike#1: The very first Labor Day was organized by the Central Labor Union and celebrated on Tuesday, September 5th in New York City in 1882. #2: Their last names were almost identical; Peter McGuire and Matthew Macguire. #3: The “Workingmen’s Holiday”.

Read more about Labor Day at the Department of Labor’s web pages.

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