5 Fun Facts for the Burger Connoisseur

When Chicago based Technomic, a food industry research firm, releases a comparative study on burgers, it’s a big deal. (Last week they wrote “sliders” are becoming a big deal in the UK. Who knew?) Especially so when they provide eye opening stats like this:

95% of all consumers say they eat burgers at least once month

EdditMerlotPeppadew_BC-1The key word there is all – that’s a huge statement of epic populous proportions. Here are some of the other highlights provided in the Burger Consumer Trend Report:

Cravings Drive Sales: 49% of consumers cite cravings as one of the top reasons they purchase burgers.

Quality is Key: 51% of consumers say it’s highly important that the burgers they order are made from never-frozen beef, an increase from 43% two years ago.

Resource is Important: More than 55% of those polled want menus to specify the type of beef that is being used.

Build-your-own is Big: Nearly two-thirds of consumers say build-your-own burger concepts are appealing. 64% say that the ability to customize burger toppings and condiments is also important.

Special Diet Interests Continue: The interest in special diets, driven by younger consumers, continues to grow. More than a fifth of all burger eaters say that gluten-free (23%), vegan (23%) and vegetarian (22%) are important options for them.

If you’re a burger connoisseur (and who isn’t) cravings, quality, resource, size and flavor undoubtedly play into your love affair with burgers. According to one Technomic executive, “The better burger sector continues to thrive …and shows no signs of stopping.”

One of the reasons (we think) burgers have become such a fixture in our homes and on menus across the globe, is because they can be made, seasoned and served in so many different ways. Check out these fun facts from Zagat’s last survey on the subject:

1. 50% of those polled say they prefer to go to a specialty burger restaurant vs. 14% who go to fast food chains.

2. 38% of people like their burgers medium rare, 36% like them medium and only 6% want “hockey pucks” – aka well done. 

3. 60% of burger eaters say they like “fancy” bread or specialty buns and 66% say ketchup is their best condiment. 82% named cheese (cheddar being #1) as the most desired topping, followed by lettuce and tomatoes (59% each), grilled onions, (56%), bacon, (54%) and pickles (48%). The least favorite topping cited was jalapeños (20%).

4. 75% of those surveyed said they like to eat burgers for dinner and 65% said they like having them for lunch.

5. Though grass fed, natural and alternative meats are in vogue for many consumers, 85% said they want their burgers made the good old fashioned way, “from a cow”.

With summer’s end around the corner, Labor Day weekend will be one big burger blast for many of us. The best part is, no matter how you ground your round, the possibilities are endless. Enjoy!

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