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Chef Rino Baglio being inducted by Michael Escoffier

New Disciples

Chef Jeremiah Tower, “The Father of American Cuisine” and Chef Rino Baglio, the first North American WACS Master Chef & Executive Chef at Osteria Pronto, were among the honorees inducted into The Disciples of Escoffier International – USA* at a private reception in Chicago last night honoring the one year anniversary of the Escoffier Online International Culinary Academy. Special

"The Father of American Cuisine", Jeremiah Tower with John Cecala

“The Father of American Cuisine”, Jeremiah Tower with John Cecala

guest, Michel Escoffier, the great-grandson of Master Chef Auguste Escoffier, was also on hand commemorating the occasion. You can watch the red sash induction ceremony here.

*The Disciples of Escoffier Intl. maintains the culinary traditions of French Cuisine and honors the memory of Auguste Escoffier, preserving his work and promoting culinary education worldwide.

Creative Harmony

We found the recent TribChefYeo article about the transition journey of acclaimed Top Chef, Patricia Yeo, as lead creative at Big Bowl very insightful. The story provides an in depth accounting of the adjustments Yeo had to make from opening new restaurants and the day to day tasks of running them, to innovating the menus of LEYE’s largest chain.

The Chef says the transition became especially appealing when Big Bowl’s Executive Chef, Marc Bernard invited her to experiment with RusticRoadFarmcrops at the now famous Rustic Road Farm in Elburn which he started last year. Yeo, who has a doctorate in biochemistry from Princeton, shares in Bernard’s dedication to blending lifestyle with local sustainability, now lives at the farm.

Big Bowl’s President, Dan McGowan also weighs in on meshing restaurant management with creative innovation. McGowan says their job is to be just “one step ahead” of their customers, because two or three steps will lose them.

Beef People

WD_Beef_instant_win_gameYou have to love a marketing campaign called, “Beef People”, we certainly do! Last month the Winn Dixie grocery chain started an instant game/sweepstakes called just that. Shoppers who liked their Facebook page would see six cuts of beef sold at Winn-Dixie from flank to rib eye. To win, fans would have to flip and match three out of the six cuts of meat on the page’s virtual grill.

The company expanded the social media game’s accessibility, which more than 46,000 have since played, with mobile and tablet versions. Play was also extended for another month for shots to win the free steak.

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