Meat of the Future?

This week a tasting of the world’s first lab produced ground beef burger made from in vitro cattle stem cells was cooked and tasted in London. It was the culmination of a five year experiment to grow artificial beef that came at a cost of over $300,000.

AP Photo/David Parry

AP Photo/David Parry

The burger was created with a 20,000 strand count of laboratory-grown protein. Salt,     breadcrumbs and egg powder, were then mixed in with red beet juice and saffron to give it color. Visually, it looked the part; taste wise, not so much, according to first accounts.  An “absence of fat” was one of the comments made.

Working toward manna

The scientist’s aim with this research is to show the world that the meat of the future can be produced without slaughtering millions of animals in an environmentally friendly way. With continued development, the process is targeted to become economically less costly than traditional farming methods.

Recent Advances in Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research are helping medicine march towards cures for ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), Alzheimer’s disease, Blood disorders, Muscular Dystrophy and many more ailments. These advances in medicine can be miracles for mankind.  Such miracles are still far in the future for food – as much as 20 years down the road before these burgers begin to hit the grocery store according to a Reuter’s report.

The global appetite for meat shows anything but decline with meat production projected to rise to 376 million tons by 2030. With the increasing demand for food from humanely raised animals, without added hormones, administered antibiotics and Non- GMO feed, this meat of the future could be the next manna from heaven.   

…but would you really eat it?

Personally, food for me is a pleasure balanced with purpose.  I enjoy treating myself to delicious, juicy steaks and burgers and also try to balance that with a healthy responsible diet. It’s hard for me to imagine a world where synthetic meat would be the norm. At the same time, perhaps this is a breakthrough to help feed the world.  

Synthetic meat, lab grown in volume, has the possibility to end hunger in a remarkable way. Kind of the same way USDA approved Lean Finely Textured Beef was produced to feed millions of people. You may know of this as the “Pink Slime” ground beef wrongly sensationalized in the media.  I wonder where “Celebrity Chef” Jamie Oliver stands on this one?

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2 thoughts on “Meat of the Future?

  1. The over consumption of red meat is and has been an enormous negative on human, animal & the health of planet earth. A simple equation to comprehend. I aptly recommend watching these following docu-films. FROM FARM TO FRIDGE; CHEW ON THIS; PROCESSED PEOPLE; A DIET FOR A NEW AMERICA; A DIET FOR A NEW WORLD; AN EVENING WITH JOHN ROBBINS; FOOD INC; PEACEABLE KINGDOM; FAT, SICK AND NEARLY DEAD for starters.

    • David, thanks for reading and for your comments. I think over consumption of anything is problematic and there are always pros and cons. For example, studies by Dr. Robert G. Woodmansee, Professor at the Department of Rangeland Ecosystem Science, Senior Scientist – Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory, show that industrial farming of vegetables releases more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere from soil through plowing fields than farming animals does. Here’s good book you can read: Resilience Thinking – Sustaining Ecosystems and People in a Changing World

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