Rev Gen for Restaurants: Uptake the Upsell

shoppingcartIt seems as if we’re being upsold everywhere we turn today. Even supermarket checkers are doing it; Would you like to add the Gatorade 2 pack on special to your order today?

Restaurants are usually pretty good at upselling appetizers, drinks, desserts, etc. They are tableside masters, but not nearly in tune enough with the potential uptake.

Upsell is a verb, it means: actively trying to persuade a customer to buy more. Whether an item is a more expensive product or service, or, an add-on purchase related to an existing transaction, upsell means more.

Define & Conquer

Restaurants embrace gift certificates, reservations, orders, pick-up and delivery options extremely well online – locally – but few consider marketing their brand above and beyond that. Why not spread your customers’ love across the country?

The uptake is creating new revenue streams with e-commerce.

loumalnatidressingOne restaurant company that does a stellar job at this is Lou Malnati’s. You can ship a Chicago Style Lou’s to any destination across the country. On top of pizza, customers can also buy pizza pans, cookie pizzas and bottles of Malnati’s famous sweet vinaigrette dressing. I’m sure whoever came up with the idea to do all of that wasn’t taken seriously – at first.

Buedel works with companies such as, Williams Sonoma, Saks Fifth Avenue and Niman Ranch, to name a few, fulfilling their customers’ online orders for home delivery of fine meats. (No one expects you to execute all this stuff by yourself.) Your biggest challenge will be deciding how/if you can take any of your best sellers to this next level. Are there any new products you could create from that? Do you want to add gift and novelty items to the mix with your logo on them? The possibilities are endless.

Buedel Fulfillment Services BrochureWe just posted this fact sheet to our slide share account: Add more profits and build customer loyalty with fulfillment services. The title is a little long in the tooth, but the message is spot on. You can seriously expand your brand beyond city limits, grow customer loyalty, cross promote more than one location and develop new income streams with an uptake on e-commerce merchandising.


Companies who provide fulfillment services are skilled at what they do. They’re used to fabricating, customizing, assembling, packaging, shipping, and managing online merchandise to best fit their customers’ needs. And, we can do it cost effectively too!

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