Meat Picks | 5.30.13

Discount Tix

Lawn2012_2 Today – as of 10 a.m. – a limited amount of discount tickets will be sold (online only) for the coveted annual Chicago Gourmet food and wine fest slated for September 27th through the 29th this year. Normally priced at $159 for a single day admission and $265 for two-day tickets, the discount batch will sell for $119 and $199. More event info at:

What the Cronut?

cronut_2575295bHave you heard about all the hoopla over “cronuts”?  Created at Chef Dominique Ansel’s bakery in Manhattan, the sweet shop gained national attention for their new creation – the cronut – a half donut, half croissant concoction the Chef says took ten attempts to perfect.

Long lines and limited quantities (baked daily) have only added to popular demand. Estimated to be as much as 500 calories per ‘nut, people are actually selling and buying the elusive $5 delectable on Craig’s List for as much as $40 a pop!   

Perfect Packets’s post on 50 Things to Grill in Foil is definitely worth your gander. The list offers lots of ideas for things you don’t traditionally associate with grilling like, #16, Meatballs with sawuce and #21, Frozen Ravioli with zucchini and tomatoes. There are also some unique recipes for foods you’d never think of grilling like, olives, nuts and bok choy.

Our favorite, #44, Plums & Onions: Toss 4 quartered plums, 1 sliced red onion, 2 tablespoons olive oil, 1 tablespoon red wine vinegar, some thyme sprigs, and salt and pepper on a sheet of foil. Form a packet. Grill over medium-high heat, 12 minutes.

For those who’ve yet to master perfect packet making, FN offers these instructions:
1. Lay a large sheet of heavy-duty foil or a double layer of regular foil on a flat surface.
2. Put the ingredients in the center of the foil. Bring the short ends of the foil together and fold twice to seal; then fold in the sides to seal, leaving room for steam.

pretzelbunsBreaking Bread

Wendy’s reports testing of their new Pretzel [bun] Bacon Cheeseburger are favorable. (Who doesn’t love pretzel buns!?) The chain also plans on adding flat breads to their menu repertoire in an effort to offer, “five-star breads at three-star prices,” as one company spokesman put it.


InHungryHoundRuss Cropped case you missed it, our own Chef Russ Kramer was on the Hungry Hound last Saturday on ABC7Chicago offering great steak takeaway and top grill tips to kick off the summer grilling season.


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