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May is National Burger Month!

burgerIt seems like every time you turn around it’s a special time – take your dog to work day, social media week and yes, national burger month.

According to the Restaurant News, the hamburger first came to life in Hamburg, Germany sometime in the 1600’s. Back then it was called, “steak tartar”.  Americans can take credit for its development into a patty on a bun in the early 1900’s, in part due to the Industrial Age, where the need for easy to grab foods was favored by an ever growing working population.

In 1921, White Castle opened the first fast food burger store in Kansas. Interestingly enough, they are also responsible for starting the now annual month long burger promotion, 71 years later in 1992 – as a marketing campaign, of course.

More fun facts:

When the Heinz company opened for business in 1869, ketchup was soon married to the hamburger. It wasn’t until the 1940’s when onions, pickles and lettuce joined the wedding party.

The Big Boy chain created the double cheeseburger in 1936.

Other chain birthdates: Steak ‘n Shake, 1934, Jack in the Box, 1951, Burger King, 1954, McDonald’s (under Ray Kroc) 1955, Hardee’s, 1960  and Wendy’s, 1969.

Local Meat Men Lasso East Coast

In a recent Meat Up blog, we sTallGrassBoxhared some thoughts on how working together and embracing market trends can be a “win-win-win” for local, the economy and the consumer.

Buedel recently partnered with Tallgrass Beef to produce and distribute 100% grass-fed beef burgers for supermarket giant, Delhaize America. This is huge news because 1,400 chain stores in the east coast regions will be receiving healthier beef alternatives via Chicago. Earlier this week, Meating Place also carried the story.

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Farmers Market Schedule

fmbannerThe complete schedule for all of Chicago’s Farmers Market locations is available here. This year, there’ll also be several after five dates where the market will stay open till 8 or 9 at night – great news for people who can’t make daytime shopping hours!


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