Meat Picks | 3.8.13

Beat Bust

One of the most trying things about a content driven society is keeping clarity. Such is the case in a recent Bloomberg post entitled, “Cattle Disappearing Amid Drought Signals”.

There’s no denying the fact the cattle industry has been challenged by drought and low cattle supply for over two years now, yet use per capita consumption of beef has declined keeping prices in check.

The sky isn’t falling yet. Consider several other facts: 1) commodity beef is being produced today with less cattle and 2) there are other protein choices in the marketplace.

Domestic and export consumer demand will ultimately dictate the impact the drought has on the price of beef.

Meat is Good Food

Red Meat Market is one of the local sponsors at this year’s Good Food Festival scheduled at the UIC Forum beginning March 14th. The annual festival, which takes the concept of “localicious” to a whole new level, is dedicated to promoting good food to schools, industry and families.

Buedel’s own Master Butcher, Peter Heflin, will be on hand at Red Meat’s booth on Friday, March 15th at 2 p.m. and then on Saturday morning at 11 a.m. to teach festival goers how to cut, trim and tie tenderloins and roasts. Purchase admission and event tickets here.

Social Savvy Sale

When Tuesday’s snow storm struck the city, Carnivale quickly crafted a deal for the “blizzard special”. Using their social media newsfeeds, the restaurant offered to pay the cab fare [restrictions applied] for patrons willing to brave the storm to come in for dinner that night.

Most commonly used for live events (think, Oscars, Idol, etc.) and to navigate customer service requests/complaints, real time social media marketing is a hot topic. Current schools of thought suggest adding it to your social tool box as one strategy among many.

Chicago Chef Week 

Chicago Chef Week, not to be confused with Restaurant Week which ran last month, will begin on Sunday March, 17th and run through the 22nd. (According to the Chicagoist, there are some establishments who only participate in Chef Week.)

Three and four course lunch and dinner deals are being offered at over 70 restaurants in the city. You can find the complete list of restaurants online and make reservations at Open Table.


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