Meat Picks | 11.15.12

Michelin Mayhem

The prestigious Michelin Guide Chicago Restaurants 2013 came out yesterday. Much ado is being made over changes to the list and the fact that Chicago has less stars now than when the first Chicago guide came out in 2011. (See the Michelin history here.)

We prefer to look at it this way: Chicago is part of the global elite, a recognized Michelin city amidst a massive food-scape of competition. How cool is that?

If you haven’t seen this year’s star wrap up, here it is: 3 Stars – Alinea  2 Stars – Graham Elliot and L2O  1 Star – Acadia, Blackbird, Boka, Everest, Goosefoot, Longman & Eagle, Mexique, Moto, NAHA, Schwa, Sepia, Sixteen, Spiaggia, Takashi, Topolobampo and Tru. Both, L20 and Graham Elliot, moved up from 1 to 2 Star ratings this year.

Major congrats to the recipients; you all rock!

Expand Your Brand

LEYE is already the king of brands when it comes to restaurant multiplicity. Richly based in the notion that the key to success is surrounding yourself with great people, LEYE is testing their latest working partnership with online grocery retailer, Peapod, for home delivery of their brand.


Taking an innovative and high tech approach, the concept is currently being tested at commuter platforms using large billboard menus and QR codes for mobile iPhone, iPad and Android phone orders. Shoppers can virtually scan what they want to buy on the billboards for next day delivery.

Get the Peapod Mobile app free here and test it out for yourself with this first time buyers’ coupon code for $20 off using: LEYEBEST.

Turkey Hits List

Did you know the first Thanksgiving took place in 1621 over a three day festival to celebrate the Pilgrims’ harvest and that the main entrée was venison and not turkey? Or, that the holiday wasn’t celebrated again for several hundred years thereafter?

Interestingly enough, Thanksgiving as we know it, did not permanently become an official American holiday until FDR signed it into law in 1941. For more Thanksgiving factoids, check out the reads and videos on

Last, but not least, the list you’ve all been waiting for: TOC’s 2012 Thanksgiving Guide. Here you’ll find Black Wednesday deals, Dine In and Carry Out Thanksgiving spreads and Black Friday specials.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


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