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Restaurant Relief

Nation Restaurant News shared several stories this week about what restaurants in the storm center did to help in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. One in particular caught our attention:

The Margaritas Mexican Restaurant group shared their locations’ electricity and warmth and served food to emergency workers and storm victims. MMR’s newest restaurant in Lansdale, Pa., which had only opened a few days before Sandy hit, reopened Tuesday night [Nov. 1st] and gave away 1,200 free tacos to community members. The restaurant also delivered tacos to relief workers assessing damage around the area. The effort was advertised solely through word of mouth and social media.

Two lessons we can learn: Grass root efforts really do work and don’t ever doubt the power of social media or word of mouth again…

Dinner-for-donations and impromptu concert fundraisers, are just some of the things restaurants on the east coast have been doing to support Sandy relief efforts. Locally, Fish Bar, DMK, Ada St., Wormhole Coffee, and Market House On The Square in Lake Forest, all ran a variety of donation raising events to support the cause this week. On Saturday, November 17th, Shaw’s Crab House & Tokio Pub in Schaumburg will be holding a charity drive for relief efforts. Tickets are just $35 and available now.

The nationwide outpour of donations to the Red Cross now total over $100 million. Here are 8 other organizations you can also donate to for help.

Kustomer Kudos

Much has been written about, “the new modern Asian restaurant in the West Loop”, Embeya. Everyone knows opening a new restaurant ain’t no easy thang but reviews by Chicago Eater, Yelp, Red Eye, Open Table, Urban Daddy and TOC are all favorable. Congratulations, we wish you many years of success!

Bistrot Zinc recently scored a major hit with The Daily Dish by a self proclaimed (and unsolicited) foodie. That’s huge in our book of reviews, especially for well established eateries like BZ. Kudos!

Last, but not least, our friends at the Saloon Steakhouse just got all shot up by the Mafia Hairdresser. Former mobster, turned novelist, hairdresser and social media guru Jon-David, gushed out one of the most heartfelt “best steakhouse” raves we’ve ever read at The Local Tourist. He even mentioned little ole us – thanks, MH!



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