Where’s the Beef? Ask Bill Kurtis.

The Tall Grass Beef company, and its famous founder, Bill Kurtis, will be conducting an in store tasting event at Fresh Farms next Saturday. Shoppers will get to speak to Bill, and Bill gets to speak about his passion.

Kurtis first became interested in raising grass fed beef after learning of its health and environmental benefits pursuant to purchasing his Kansas ranch in 2005. Since then, he’s lived a split life between an award winning broadcasting career and a devoted commitment to raising cattle the way they were meant to be raised.

Talking to people about the benefits of grass fed beef is an absolute passion for the Tall Grass owner. What’s the number one question people ask him?

“The number one question people ask is, ‘Where’s Walter?’ Then, we move to the beef.”

The (other) most often asked questions Kurtis gets are: How did you get involved in grass-fed beef? and What does it taste like?  “I tell them it actually HAS taste, the original taste of beef. I explain that corn makes beef bland, more like a platform for condiments. That makes them interested.”

What has his company learned by doing these events? “With education, people get involved and try our product,” says Kurtis. “We have quite a story – the health benefits make grass fed worth the extra cost. And the taste doubles the attractiveness, especially for a predominantly European customer base like Fresh Farms.”

Marketers will tell you these types of in store events can get obtuse quickly, but not for Kurtis. What does he like most about them? “I love meeting the people as they come by. Many are thankful to have beef raised the ‘old’ way and they are very interested in our company.”

Tall Grass believes demos like these are the best sales tool there is. “The smell, taste and conversation are total immersion,” Kurtis says, “the perfect environment to sell beef.”

Fresh Farms International Market is located at 5740 W. Touhy in Niles. The October 13th Saturday event runs from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.; Bill Kurtis will be on hand from noon to 1:30.


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