Meat Picks | 10.4.12

What’s Hot Now?

Numerous reports from the Multi-Unit Foodservice Operators (MUFSO) show which ran earlier this week in Dallas are now out. According to Nation’s Restaurant News reporter, Bret Thorn; Chicken – that’s all chicken is in – boneless chicken is hot.

Thorn also reports that corporate chefs say, “their customers were willing to experiment with new flavors like never before”, that the thirst for “candy-flavored vodkas” and “spiced rums” are trending big and that just about anything in the beverage cat flavored with chile or cinnamon is a good thing. Read Bret’s full report here.

Oyster Fest Block Party is next week!

The 24th annual Shaw’s Crab House Oyster Fest kicks offs next Monday, October 8th. Special deals and fishy fun like the, “oyster slurping contest”, are scheduled throughout the weeklong celebration which builds up to Shaw’s much anticipated block party on Friday, the 12th 4,000+ attended last year’s event!

Block party doors open at 3 and country singer/songwriter Lee Brice is this year’s headliner. Tickets are affordably priced at $25, (you better get ‘em now) available online. Inquiries by phone at: 312-527-2722.

Little Known Fact

Earlier this week we published an interview with Peter Heflin entitled, What is a Master Butcher?  Peter, who is part of the Buedel customer sales team, is also a master butcher himself – but that’s not the little known fact.

What you probably don’t know is he’s also, “Pete the Butcher”. It’s true, Heflin is a Kevhead.

Peter was part of the Chicago radio scene during the hey days of Loop DJ’s Kevin Matthews and Steve Dahl. His returning on air cut-up role as, Pete the Butcher, was based in fact – Heflin worked at the butcher shop where Dahl and Matthews actually shopped for meat. Who knew?

You can subscribe to Kevin Matthews’ current bi-weekly podcasts (including 30+ years of radio archives) by subscription on the Steve Dahl Network.


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