Trends | Have You Tried Bavette Yet?

Chefs and Restaurateurs looking for alternative and trendy menu ideas with lower price tags should consider Beef Sirloin Flap Steak, or what the French call, “Bavette” steak.

Bavette, (ending, like corvette) means bib in French, and is commonly thought of as thin steak. The sirloin flap steak is a cut similar to skirt, hanger and flank steaks, which were originally known as inexpensive lowly cuts of meats from the less tender areas of the animal. Today, Asian, Latin American and French Bistro trends have popularized these cuts and driven their cost up quite a bit higher than they used to be.

Enter the sirloin flap steak.                               Not to be confused with chuck flap meat, which comes from the front of the animal and is  akin to chuck steaks, the sirloin flap meat comes from the beefy tasting bottom sirloin just above the flank and right next to the short loin. Sirloin flaps are also considered part of the Porterhouse and T-bone steak families.

Prepare with Care

Like skirt and flank steaks, sirloin flaps benefit from marinating; they should be fast cooked on high raw heat and are best at slightly past the medium-rare point. 

For even better results, ask your meat purveyor to mechanically tenderize or “pin” the sirloin flap meat before portioning into steaks which will make for a more tender eating experience.  When serving sirloin flap steaks make sure you cut across the grain!

The sirloin flap steak has a wonderful beefy flavor and fine texture when prepared properly. They are a great choice for Bistro Steaks, Sandwich Steaks and Latin style grilled steak dishes.

Menu Maker

The French description for sirloin flap steaks can be poised several ways on your menu; as a Bavette steak or as, bavette d’aloyau, which means “of the sirloin”. The American name can easily be marketed with chic descriptions such as, flap steak frites and truffle dusted flap steak. A marinade descriptive such as, tequila marinated sirloin flap steak, works equally well too.

No matter how you choose to describe it; the sirloin flap steak is a flavor packed economic alternative to the currently pricey trends of skirt, flank and flat iron steak cuts.


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