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Chicago Culinary Museum Fundraiser & Chef Hall of Fame Dinner

Next Wednesday marks the 7th annual Chicago Culinary Museum fundraising dinner and Chef Hall of Fame awards. This year’s event will be held at the Hilton Towers on South Michigan Avenue.

The CCM is a non-profit org in the process of raising funds to build a museum earmarked to house an interactive learning center for children, artifacts and a library dedicated to the hospitality industry. A silent auction is slated to raise funds at this year’s event. Sponsorships are also available and donations, are always welcome. For more info, call Carmella Anello, Museum Board Secretary, at 630-290-7008 or  email:

This year’s inductees to the Hall of Fame are, French Pastry School Dean at City Colleges of Chicago, Pastry Chef, Jacquy Pfeiffer and Chef of the Year honoree, Chef Graham Elliot, renown Chicago Restaurateur and Master Chef co-host on FOX.

Tickets are still available online! Buy at:


Just How Pricey Can Restaurant Steak Really Get?

There was a great article in Time Out Chicago yesterday on how some cuts of steak can cost upwards and beyond $100 per order. While on the surface that may resonate as shocking, an examination of the facts behind this kind of Cadillac pricing proves quite the opposite. Dry aging, cut of meat and cuisine all play a role in pricing. Read more…


Dine & Learn on a Real Farm

The first Farm to Fork dinner will take place at the McDonald Farm in Naperville, on Saturday, September 22nd.

A six course meal is planned by Farm to Fork’s Executive Chef Valerie Bulon, of Top Chef fame, in the following types of categories: amuse bouche, soup, entrée, greens, main and dessert.

The inaugural event also includes a tour of the farm and comingling with local craftsmen. Guests will be able to taste veggies straight from the fields, (from bok choi to rutabagas, there are over 40 herbs and vegetables grown there), learn about sustainable agriculture, gain insight to organic farming and actively engage in conservation conversation.

The 6 p.m. seating is sold out! Earlier reservations are still available through the Farm to Fork website.


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