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Farm to Fork is a premier event experience dedicated to celebrating food and embracing education – farm fresh and food beautiful on the McDonald Farm in Naperville, Illinois.

Down on the Farm

The 60 acre property houses wetlands, historic buildings, a prairie plant nursery and 49 tillable acres of currently sustainable farmed USDA certified organic crops. From Bok Choi to rutabagas, there are over 40 different herbs and vegetables grown there by the Green Earth Institute, an organic farming operation.

Run by The Conversation Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to environmental preservation and cultivation, the farm was donated to the Foundation in 1992 by the McDonald family matriarch to insure its preservation. To date, the Foundation’s recently completed water conservation and renewable energy project has become a “showcase of conservation in action”.

Harvest Spotlight

Born from a steady and ongoing public interest in the farm, the “farm-to-fork-dinner” concept was developed to share weekly harvests in a down-to-earth yet elegant setting. The first Farm to Fork dinner  will make its debut on Saturday, September 22nd.

Part of this unique experience will include a tour of the farm and connecting with local craftsmen. Guests will be able to taste veggies straight from the fields, learn about sustainable agriculture, gain insight to organic farming and actively engage in conservation conversation.

The 9/22 dinner menu will be developed by Farm to Fork’s Executive Chef, Valerie Bolon, a former Top Chef contestant and Chicago native. Chef Valerie is acclaimed with an expertise for “blending traditional and contemporary cuisine” and has worked in numerous prestige kitchens such as, Gordon, MK and Emeril’s [Lagasse] in New Orleans.

The value of seasonal and “the freshest of” ingredients will play a big role throughout the Farm to Fork menu. A six course meal is currently expected across the following types of categories: amuse bouche, soup, entrée, greens, main and dessert.

Farm to Fork tickets can be purchased from their website at: The cost is $95 per seat. Alcohol-pairing can be added to your reservation for an additional $35.

Buedel Fine Meats is proud to be part of the team of event partners lending further support in making this event a one of a kind culinary stand out!

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