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21 Gun Salute to the Saloon Steakhouse

We want to send a big 21 Gun Salute out to the Saloon Steakhouse on their 21st Anniversary! Longevity in the restaurant industry is not an easy thing to do and 21 years is a milestone! Congratulations to the great people at Saloon Steakhouse, may you have another great 21 years ahead!

See you at the celebration this Sunday!

It’s all About the Tools You Cook With …

Last week, Steve Hendershot did a review on “grilling with technology” for Crain’s Chicago comparing mobile apps on the market. The focus of his piece was Weber’s new free iPhone app which comes with grill recipes and how-to tips.

Equally noteworthy is the author’s accompanying video to the article – an effortless cooking demonstration of a Weber recipe.

While critiquing the new application, Hendershot prepares a steak marinade following the recipe from his iPad poised on an elevated cookbook stand in his kitchen. When ready to grill, he pulls up the cooking instructions on his iPhone from his patio. It was one of the most amazing displays of techno-driven cooking we’ve seen!

Festival di Pomodori at Francesca’s

The Tomato Festival at Francesca’s, is a celebration (running now through September 2nd) which features specialty dishes showcasing a variety of fresh tomatoes grown by the agriculturally sustainable Chef’s Garden.

Francesca’s is also running a fun photo contest in honor of the festival, “Throw us a Tomato”. The best creative tomato shot wins dinner on the house valued at $200. For contest rules and more information go to their Facebook page.

One more word on tomatoes…

If you’ve never heard of Spain’s famous tomato throwing festival, check out this video to give you a clue of the pandemonium mash this event is known for.

An annual weeklong festival tradition which began sometime around 1945, (no one supposedly knows for sure), “La Tomatina” starts on the last Wednesday of every August. Between 20,000 to 40,000 people flock to the small town of Buñol, Spain (population 9,000) to participate each year. More about the event here.

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